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“This missing link is the desired breakthrough” 

Amsterdam, December 9, 2021 – A reliable and affordable test result within three minutes. This instant test offered by Nostics is the desired breakthrough to return to an open and safe society. No one  has to wait 24 hours for a PCR result. No one enters infected anymore. Large groups can safely reunite. Organizations that offer this test will receive certainty within three minutes. Test results can be shared immediately via digital connections to QR-code systems. 


This test directly detects whether someone is contagious or not. This can be done in test streets, for entrance testing, or to get to work safely. By testing everyone before boarding, airlines can ensure that passengers travel safely, even without face masks. Social distance is no longer necessary in restaurants or theaters. Everyone can fully participate in our society again, and there is no longer a divide between us. 


The Covid-19 instant test works quickly (within three minutes), is reliable (validated sensitivity of 98% (CT<30), specificity of 100%), fully digital (results can be linked to digital systems), and affordable for everyone (less than £5 per test). The test reader, a device smaller than the average printer, is currently already being used in various places in the Netherlands and abroad.  


The successful validation of this test was done in the Netherlands at Schiphol Airport, taking into account both people with and without symptoms. Commercial testing companies such as Hestia, one of the largest test providers in the Netherlands, and several other labs are already working with this three-minute test for mass use. A proposition for airlines and Schiphol Airport is in progress, and major (sports) organizations are currently validating the system to test their teams quickly and effectively.  

For more information on this revolutionary breakthrough:

Vincent Laban 

Maurits Buurman

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