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Nostics' SERS platform

A three-in-one solution

Nostics’ platform uses innovative, single-use SERS chips composed by a unique metal nanolayer that are able to provide highly stable and reproducible spectra, with a durable shelf-life. Combined with a portable SERS device and an AI-based digital platform, this versatile and scalable technology is ideal for metabolomic screening and profiling in low-resourced laboratories, field analysis, and point-of-care tests. 

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World’s smallest portable bacteria identification lab

Nostics’ Raman Spectroscopy based, label-free bacteria identification from cultured patient samples. Using a portable, handheld reader, with cloud-based machine learning algorithms to identify bacterial species within 15 minutes, without the need for expert users or expensive lab infrastructure.

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DirectID - UTI & STI instant diagnostics

In 15min from urine to result

Identifying the infecting bacteria in urine at the Point-of-Care, without the need for culturing, in 15 minutes from sample to result. The Nostics’ portable Raman Spectroscopy based, label-free platform identifies bacterial species straight from urine samples. Without the need for expert users or lab infrastructure at affordable prices.

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