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An adaptable technology to shape the future of targeted healthcare

Providing pathogen identification for a broad range of diseases…

Increasing antimicrobial resistance leads to rising treatment costs. At the same time, the population of elderly and immuno-compromised people is growing. With our adaptable diagnostic platform, we want to make rapid pathogen identification available to everyone, everywhere.

... and to all care settings

Making an impact on antimicrobial resistance


Technology proof-point
With ColonyID, we aim to validate our technology using a simple model – bacteria colonies on a culture plate. It serves as a stepping stone towards direct detection of pathogens.

DUTI – Direct UTI identification

Lead application
Our lead application DUTI targets urinary tract infection, the most common outpatient infection and a major contributor to inappropriately prescribed antibiotics. By identifying the pathogen at the point-of-care, we allow healthcare professionals to prescribe the definitive antibiotic immediately, decreasing patient suffering and mitigating the development of new resistances.

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