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Reliable pathogen identification from the synergy between three technologies

A platform to provide rapid answers at the point-of-care

The Nostics platform combines Raman spectroscopy, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence to provide rapid pathogen identification solutions at the point-of-care. With our solutions we enable healthcare professionals to optimize the use of antibiotics and improve health outcomes.

Raman spectroscopy for high specificity

Every bacterial species is unique. With Raman spectroscopy we detect their specific fingerprints through their interaction with laser light.

Nanotechnology for increased sensitivity

Structured metal nanomaterials enhance the Raman signals, providing spectral clarity directly from patient samples, without the need to culture.

Artificial intelligence for reliable pathogen identification

Based on advanced machine-learning methods our classifier generates an objective identification of bacteria.

Suitable for a broad range of applications

Our technology detects the fingerprint of microorganisms. Our artificial intelligence-based classifier can be rapidly trained to recognize new pathogens. This enables us to provide reliable diagnostics that will improve antimicrobial prescription in many point-of-care settings.

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