World's fastest,
smartest Covid
antigen test

3-minute test time!
98% sensitive, 100% specific
Digital results & connected

A 'lab' everywhere

The Nostics platform will bring instant
and reliable testing for viruses and
bacteria to every corner of the world.

Bacteria-ID test

Instant testing
for bacterial infections
without a lab

what we are about

Accessible technology, global impact

Accessible, fast, and reliable diagnostics are the gateway to modern medicine. Nostics’ aim is to provide that gateway to every person on the planet, improving their lives and health.

What we do

We believe

We believe that a good life starts with good health. We believe that accessible and affordable diagnostics should be a given for our entire human family.

Our goal

Our platform will bring instant diagnostics to every corner of the world. It will not only be able to improve the lives of millions of people, but also create a global monitoring system to provide insight into the spread of infectious diseases, generate valuable data, and act as an early warning system for the world.

Our focus

In the years to come we will expand the number of assays, allowing an increasing number of tests to be performed on a single, ultra-rapid platform. Our labs are developing assays that will screen for bacteria, viruses, and biomarkers within minutes.

Fastest Covid-19 test

3-minute Antigen test with digital results

Know within 3 minutes if you are safe to enjoy an event, visit a care home, or go to work. Using cutting edge Immunofluorescence chromatography the test is reliable, rapid, automated, and digital.

The testkit and analyzer is independently validated in the Netherlands, and complies with RIVM and HSC guidelines. Sensitivity: 98% (Ct<30), specificity: 100%.


portable bacteria identification

Nostics’ Raman Spectroscopy based, label-free bacteria identification from cultured patient samples. Using a portable, handheld reader, with cloud-based machine learning algorithms to identify bacterial species within 5 minutes, without the need for expert users or expensive lab infrastructure.

A revolutionary step towards
faster and more accessible testing

Who we are

We are scientists, we are physicians, we are nanotech engineers, we are marketeers, we are microbiologists, we are machine learning experts. We are women and men, from all over the globe, who are curious, driven to accomplish seemingly impossible things, and who have a shared vision to improve the lives of the people around us.

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