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Accessible technology, global impact

Nostics was founded in the spring of 2020 with one goal: to offer new ways of instantly detecting diseases and infections in patients. By applying nanotechnology, photonics and machine learning, we bring a new type of diagnostics to a world desperately in need for 21st century solutions.

Our platform brings simplicity, speed and affordability to a field that is often lacking all three. Allowing people to get tested on multiple diseases, quickly, at any location and at acceptable prices; this is our mission.

“What is now proved was once only imagined”.

–William Blake - English poet 1757-1827

What we do

We believe

We believe that a good life starts with good health. We believe that accessible and affordable diagnostics should be a given for our entire human family. Improvements in healthcare can only start when we know what’s going on. By providing instant and affordable testing at any location, Nostics wants to contribute to a better safer and healthier world.

Our goal

Our platform will bring instant diagnostics to every corner of the world. Allowing anyone to know what is going on in their body. By building a global platform we will not only be able to improve the lives of millions of people but also create a global monitoring system that will provide insight in the spread of infectious diseases, generate valuable data and act as an early warning system for the world.

Our focus

In the years to come we will expand the number of assays on our platform, allowing more and more test to be performed on a single, ultra-rapid system. Our labs are developing assays that will screen for bacteria, viruses and biomarkers, within minutes. The next step will be multiplex testing, something that will be a game-changer in diagnostics.

Who we are

We are scientists, we are physicians, we are nanotech engineers, we are marketeers, we are microbiologists, we are machine learning experts, we are women, men, from all over the globe, we are curious, driven to do seemingly impossible things, we have a shared vision to improve the lives of the people around us.

We like working together, because that’s how we build. We have adopted a software approach to developing a diagnostics company. We believe that knowledge and data can help the world become a safer, healthier place.

We are Nostics!

Ready to stir things up? Join us on our mission, to democratise diagnostics.

Needless to say, we have embarked upon a journey that is going to take a lot of talent, creativity and determination.  We are always looking for strong, positive, innovation-driven and open-minded people, who want to join our amazing company.

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