Customer Support

for the Covid-19 LFA testkit and Analyzer





User Manual for the Fluoresence Immunochromatographic Analyzer

Download the user manual by the legal manufacturer here. For the instructions for use of the testkit see the next section.

Instructions for use for the Covid-19 LFA testkit

Download the instructions for use for the testkit from the legal manufacturer.

Quality first

Validated in the Netherlands

The clinical performance of the LFA combined with the digital Analyzer has been done by Streeklaboratorium Haarlem, an accredited laboratory in the Netherlands. Both the performance on samples from the test facility has been validated as well as a panel provided by RIVM.

Information regarding the validation report is available on request. 

  • Ct < 30: 97.6% sensitivity and 100% specificity
  • Ct <35: 87.9% sensitivity and 100% specificity