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AMSTERDAM19th of September 2023 – Nostics, a medical diagnostics startup, is thrilled to announce the appointment of veteran medtech entrepreneur, Jeroen Nieuwenhuis, as its new Chief Executive Officer. As the company prepares to introduce its revolutionary diagnostics technology to the point-of-care market, Jeroen’s inclusion marks an important milestone in Nostics’ journey. 

Jeroen Nieuwenhuis (right) next to former Nostics CEO (now CFO) Vincent Laban

At the heart of Nostics is a versatile diagnostic platform that synergizes Raman spectroscopy, nanotechnology, and AI-based classification. The company has committed itself to providing rapid infectious disease diagnostics, particularly targeting bacterial infections. This innovation aims to combat the looming threat of antibiotic resistance by guiding effective antibiotic treatment. With an emphasis on environments where antibiotics are prescribed most—primary care facilities, labs, and hospitals—Nostics endeavors to make diagnostics more accessible, accurate, and affordable. 

Jeroen’s addition to the Nostics team is a pivotal moment for the company. With a distinguished career in in-vitro diagnostics spanning over 15 years, Jeroen’s expertise, particularly in point-of-care diagnostics, is exceptional. After holding various roles ranging from R&D, strategy, business development, he successfully led the spinout of the Minicare technology from Philips, which facilitates swift point-of-care heart attack diagnosis. Under his guidance, a second-generation product was developed and later acquired by Siemens Healthineers

As he takes the helm, Jeroen brings not just expertise but a forward-thinking vision for Nostics. He aims to build upon the technical milestones the company has already achieved and develop the technology into a robust diagnostics platform that has the potential to serve a broad spectrum of needs in the infectious disease space. Down the road, he pictures a platform that can address both current challenges and adapt to potential emerging threats. 

On becoming part of the Nostics team, Jeroen shares: “Armed with a promising technology and a passionate team I am excited embark on the journey to take Nostics’ platform from bench to market together.” 

Jeroen is joining the management team with co-founders Eva Rennen, Rochelle Niemeijer and Vincent Laban, next to Bob de Vos (Lead AI). Vincent (former CEO, now CFO) concludes: “I am extremely pleased to welcome Jeroen as our new CEO. The success of Minicare over the last years has been inspiring. We strive to create similar breakthroughs in infectious disease diagnostics, and Jeroen’s background makes him the ideal candidate to lead Nostics through the next phase.”  

About Nostics: Nostics is a medical diagnostics startup based in Amsterdam and Cambridge (US) and was founded in 2020. The company is developing instant, affordable, and accessible diagnostic solutions for bacterial infections and other pathogens. By integrating Raman spectroscopy, nanotechnology, and AI-powered classification of pathogens in a point-of-care device, Nostics enables efficient patient treatment: saving lives, reducing antimicrobial resistance, and improving access to millions for whom labs are inaccessible due to location or cost. 

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