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Instant, reliable and affordable testing for infectious diseases

Amsterdam, 7 April  2021 

After a spectacular start-up phase, Spektrax is on the eve of a worldwide breakthrough. Instant, reliable and affordable testing for infectious diseases at any location in the world, is now within reach. The first new diagnostics solutions will become available directly after the ongoing validation & certification phase. Patients will instantly know if they have an infection, doctors can improve their treatments straight away and the world will become a healthier and safer place. The next phase in the company’s development requires a name that immediately clarifies what they are all about: Nostics! 

By providing instant and affordable testing at any location, Nostics will contribute to a better, safer and healthier world. A good life starts with good health. Accessible and affordable diagnostics should be a given to everyone, everywhere on our planet. Improvements in healthcare can only start when we know what’s going on. The Nostics platform will bring instant diagnostics to every corner of the world. By building a global platform Nostics will not only be able to improve the lives of millions of people but also create a global monitoring system. A system that will provide insight in the spread of infectious- disease, generate important data and act as an early warning system for the world. 

In the years to come Nostics will further expand the number of assays on their platform, allowing more and more test to be performed on a simple reader. The Nostics labs are developing various assays that will screen for bacteria, viruses and biomarkers, within minutes and at any location. The next step will be instant, multiplex testing, something that will be a game-changer in the world of diagnostics. 

Nostics was founded in 2020. Currently 26 people work on developing a truly instant diagnostics platform, at offices in Amsterdam and Delft, the Netherlands and Palo Alto in the US. Nostics  is privately funded and currently raising a Series A funding round. 


“One sometimes finds, what one is not looking for”Alexander Fleming

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